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My main areas

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Professional experience

After teaching in my early days at the Italian Institute of Barcelona and schools San José de Calasanz and Perez Iborra, I joined the Experimental Institute Joanot Martorell (center linked to the Autonomous University of Barcelona). I thereafter entered the Autonomous University of Barcelona as an adjunct professor. I later on received tenure, and now am an emeritus professor.

Also I was a for a few years (from 1978 to 1985) appointed as Head of Institutional Relations of the reinstated Government (Generalitat) of Catalonia. Once I returned to the University, I continued as an Advisor to the Generalitat's Minister of Education.

At the Autonomous University of Barcelona I have taught several subjects in field of Education Sciences. But I would highlight the subjects that gave me tenure: Group Dynamics and Group Techniques. I have also lectured on Management Techniques and Organizational Development, and taught PhD courses on Group Dynamics, Decision-Making and Women Lidership.